Gambling in Asia

Gambling is extremely popular throughout Asia, even though many Asian countries do not allow gambling legally. This does not stop illegal casinos and betting shops being frequented by the hungry punters, and the money that is spent on gambling throughout Asia is incredible.

gambling-in-asia-1aThere are ways of getting around the gambling laws set by many Asian countries, and one way is to gamble off shore where they are in international waters. So there are many gambling cruises that go out for short trips, and these are usually packed full of gamblers every single cruise.

Then there is the gambling mecca in Asia, which is Macau. There are many big ‘Vegas’ style hotels here, and a lot of junkets are brought in to play here. The amount of money spent at the bigger hotels is incredible, far surpassing the entire spend of the Las Vegas strip. These are serious gamblers who spend serious money when they gamble.

One of the biggest games that Asian gamblers like to play is Baccarat. You will find many Baccarat tables on the gambling ships and in the Macau hotels. Roulette is also another very popular game that is played throughout Asia. When many Asians gamble they are very superstitious, and this is very evident when you see their Roulette strategies they play.

Online gambling is something that has not been allowed in most Asian countries so far. Online casinos require very stringent governing, and there are no organizations ready to do this in a lot of Asian countries. But if it does ever take off it will surely be a massive money maker for the casino operators, and the governments with the tax money they make from it.


Sightseeing in Asia

If you’re vacationing in Asia, you’ll want to dedicate a lot of your time to sightseeing as there are so many awesome sites to see in Asia. One place you won’t want to miss is Patong Beach in Thailand. The resort and beach are bustling with tourists and locals coming to the local markets. You’ll find live entertainment, a variety of food options, lodging and great souvenirs and it’s spectacular at night. If you’re a James Bond fan, you’ll recognize some of sites at Phang-nga Bay, a group of islets and islands and Karst Mountains filled with sea arches and sea caves that make it breathtaking. Over time, Asia has become one of the hottest tourist destinations. Offering a first-world experience at third-world prices, travelling in Asia could be the best option for your next holiday. Help fund your trip with quick payday loans.
Phang-nga Bay

Thailand also offers you the Sunday Walking Street which is market that happens along once a week and is filled with shops, food stands, performers, nighttime bazaars. You’ll find this place exciting and electrifying. The younger generation love seeing the Khao San Road, which is a smaller version. Doi Inthanon is the tallest mountain in Thailand and is filled with wetlands and trails. As you travel down, you’ll see many of the waterfalls so popular in Asia. If you’re looking for some R&R and don’t mind crowds, you’ll the Pong Dueat, a resort area with thermal springs, lodges, spa treatments and such. With proper research you can find more about the many things Asia has to offer.
Khao San Road