Asia Cuisine

Vacations just aren’t vacations without good eateries and Asia has plenty of good food to go around. You’ll find a lot of interesting places starting along the side of the roads in Malaysia, where you’ll see dozens of little places selling Roti and tea or coffee. Watching the Roti maker is a treat in itself, even before you taste it. Malaysia also offers you some of the best barbecued chicken you’ve ever eaten at Sate. It’s fast food but oh so yummy is this marinated barbecue chicken smothered in a spicy peanut sauce. Indonesia offers you vendors galore offering you many kinds of fruit stands willed with traditional and many exotic fruits.

Some of the different but very delicious foods you’ll get to sample here include sweet and sour crabs and prawn, Chicken satay, steamed mushroom and anchovy, ocha, Peking Duck and more. The thing most interesting about cuisine in Thailand is that you don’t even have to find restaurants to find good food. There is more food sold on the sidewalks and streets than you could ever eat in a day. It’s delicious and very cheap. Another place to find delicious and inexpensive cuisine is at many of the hotels, which offer fantastic buffets with a large variety of foods.