Mexico- Place of my Dreams

All my life I’ve wanted to travel to Mexico on vacation. I haven’t been there yet and still am planning this big vacation. I don’t yet know where I’ll go but am thinking of Cancun. I’ve heard nothing but fantastic stories about Mexico and many of the cities there but particularly Cancun. I’ll love the cruise and know I’ll have the time of my life bartering with the many vendors in Mexico. You can hardly walk down any street without seeing venders trying to sell their goods by offering them at outrageous prices, waiting for and wanting you to start bartering. I’ve even been told that they’re actually disappointed if you don’t start offering them a lower price.

Food in Mexico is literally to die for. If you think stopping at your local Taco Bell or Mexican Restaurant is a treat, you’ll love the cuisine you get in Mexico, where they know how to spice things up. Nightlife in Cancun offers some great nightspots and clubs. Be careful that you don’t get lost or forget where your hotel is located however or you may be in a jam. There are many excellent vacation specials going to many Mexican locations so start saving and packing—I may see you there.

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